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Why Buy Lenovo Laptops This New Year?

A friend of mine knew that I work for Findable and asked me, which laptop do you suggest? Probably he was aware of my educational qualification and the subject I studied as well. Anyway, I asked him his requirements and the budget, and after he shared, it took me one minute to say, Lenovo. I should explain though why I said that.

Lenovo took over the IBM PC business way back in 2005 and since then it has done a great job of not only maintaining the great market reputation but also enhancing it. The current Lenovo laptops are great for personal purpose and it can take on the likes of Apple, Acer and HP head on. The toughly built feature is still intact and so is the ease of use. These two features made the IBM such a preferred laptop company in the Lenovo Laptops In Indiaworld and Lenovo didn’t compromise on those two features at all.

While we are often plagued with problems like very high battery consumption, heavy weight and washed-out screens, thankfully all Lenovo models manage to avoid that. In fact, some of the Lenovo laptops are still a great choice, considering the cost versus performance comparison. Lenovo tablet prices are also to be considered as Lenovo is working hard to remove the difference between laptop and tablets by issuing those laptop and tablet hybrids.

If chatting or browsing is your main purpose then you can easily go for the G series of laptop, like I suggested to my friend. These are the lowest cost and entry-level laptops from Lenovo and mainly are targeted towards cost-conscious buyers. These don’t carry the sleekest design but the performance is pretty stable and offer great cost versus performance. The build quality, the screen and the battery life are comparatively better and it can easily replace your dying desktop and give you easy mobility.

The Lenovo IdeaPad Z is the mid-series and thus these laptops come with substantially better performance, hardware and cost you more than Lenovo G series. These are little heavier compared to the G series but that is due to the more powerful hardware which has been packed while cost is just slightly increased. The screen size is good which allows you to enjoy films or gaming and this series features a really big HDD. Frankly, we are very impressed with the performance versus cost analysis of this series. If you are looking to buy a decent laptop without spending too much, nothing can beat Lenovo IdeaPad series.

We would have loved to review a few more series from Lenovo but then we thought of doing that in another instalment. In the meantime, if you are looking to buy Lenovo laptops online, don’t forget to check our portal for some excellent New Year deals.

Happy New Year mate.


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