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Findable Finds HTC One To Be The Best Phone

Not often we recommend a product so vehemently as we would do for HTC One. The phone, with its design like an artist’s dream, performance like a turbo charged computer and screen as vivid as a Van Gough canvas, can pose serious challenge to, if not overcome, the mighty phones of Samsung, Apple and Sony. This is one of its kinds where a company has everything right, right to the highest and finest degree. A true masterpiece is HTC One. HTC Mobiles

HTC mobiles are there since the very first day of smartphone evolution. They have been one of the first few companies, I think the second company, to launch an Android device. That much old is their history. Then so many companies jumped into Android that we lost the count and finally, from the cloud, Samsung stood as the winner, going by the sales numbers. HTC started serving a niche where they charged premium for premium products. They almost started to behave like the Apple of Android.

Yes HTC mobiles prices are high but they are not extravagant. Compare the devices with the flagship devices of Samsung or Apple or Sony and you will see they come in the same bracket. However, hardly any company justifies the pricing as much as HTC does. Look at the design, look at the screen, look at the performance and look at the innovation. There is a slight difference between innovation and modification. Increasing the core of processors is not an innovation, it’s called refinement or modification. Soon, we will have 16 core processors as well. But here we are talking of innovation. For example, when every company is increasing the megapixel of their camera as much as they can, HTC innovated Ultrapixel. Take that. Now that is innovation.

Even we talk of modernisation or upgradation, look at HTC One. Its oozing out those. The Super LCD3 capacitive touchscreen, the 470 ppi 4.7 inch screen, 64 GB internal storage, NFC, HSPA+; LTE, Cat3, 50 Mbps UL, 100 Mbps DL, tell me where do you find so many features. That is the highest pixel density for any smartphone, can you just imagine how the screen will look? The Near Field Communication, which is still being called futuristic by most of its competitors, is available for you HTC One. The phone is well much into the future that although it comes with v4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) or v4.3 (Jelly Bean), it has planned upgrade to v4.4 (KitKat).

HTC One is available through our portal for all our customers as we will help you to find the best deals near you on HTC One. If you are still undecided, listen to us for just this once and go for it. You will never regret an inch of that phone.


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