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Rayban Wayfarer is back with a Bang

Sunglass is something which we often buy due to choice only. It is true that in summer, especially in Indian summer, you can’t really go out without protecting your eyes but what about winter? With Indian winter just starting, why would you need to wear a sunglass? The answer is easy, fashion statement.

That’s true, sunglass is such a fashion accessory now that we feel incomplete without it. And it is also true that Indian men can display more fashionable clothes in winter than summer. In summer, it is so difficult to Rayban Indiakeep on the shirt we are wearing, forget the stylish clothes. Simple cotton shorts suffice. In winter though, we can go as stylish as we can.

Speaking of this, Rayban has its vintage range of stylish sunglasses for India. Known as Rayban Wayfarer this can be easily your choice this winter. This is around since 1956 and with every retro style returning, why not don a pair of Wayfarer this winter? You can look surprisingly different.

First of all, these glasses don’t have metal frames, which is so obvious with almost every other sunglass you see. That is a welcome break from monotony and also helps you to look really different. If you are a fan of 1960s or 1970s Hindi films, you know how exactly these sunglasses look. With wide plastic frames and big glasses, it can add a new aura to your personality.

Winter can have its own need of sunglasses as well, contrary to the popular belief. You wouldn’t want the chilly early morning air hit your eyes directly when you are outside and leave you with a pair of sore, red and weepy eyes.

Rayban IndiaIf you want to know who wears Wayfarers, you can have another reason to pick it up this season. Tom Cruise wore Wayfarer in Risky Business, Katey Perry wore in Teenage Dreams, Among musicians, check these names who loved to wear Wayfarer, Michael Jackson, Billy Joel, Johnny Marr, Debbie Harry, Madonna, Elvis Costello, and members of U2.

People tried to copy Wayfarer, Manhattan by popular brand Oliver Goldsmith, American Optical Saratoga sunglasses, all tried to increase the sales by resembling Wayfarer. But then a class is a class. That is why Wayfarer is still popular today, half a decade after the initial launch while the competitors are lost in oblivion. Several fashion historians called Wayfarers as the highest selling sunglass range in the history. Do you need another reason to buy one this summer?


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