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Find real Van Heusen Shirts Using Findable

What you think of when you think of fashionable clothing for men in India? For me, I can’t stop thinking of the collections of Van Heusen. It’s true that I don’t earn enough to buy everything I like, but then, I love to enter the Van Heusen store to check what new they have to offer and when I have some money, I don’t delay to buy one for myself.Van Heusen Shirts India

Now the point is, do they really deserve that price range? It is true that you can get shorts a lot cheaper than those. But then, there are reasons why Van Heusen charges so much and we will tell you the reason. It is simple mate, it’s the quality, something which is very difficult to copy.

Frankly, whatever latest fashions these brands bring in, the local tailors copy that really fast and offer you the shirt which looks the same at a very low price. But if you are still going for a Van Heusen shirt, you are giving yourself the comfort which only quality apparel can bring.


Van Heusen India T-ShirtsVan Heusen India comes from Madura Fashion and Lifestyle, formerly Madura Garments, which is now run by Kumar Mangalam Birla, and that itself is a big reason to trust itself. Birla doesn’t sell something which is not worthy really. Then, Van Heusen’s original manufacturer, Madura Garments, is around even before we were born. Two quality houses come together to create something really excellent.

I am wearing Van Heusen shirts for a long time now, since I started earning. The best feature is how these shirts retain the texture, the fabric, the colour and the shape after years of usage. I asked my friend to guess the age of an 8 years old shirt and his approximation was six months. This you can’t get from any other company. Hail van Heusen for that.

Findable, the site I work for has a large number of Van Heusen stores listed which helps me personally as I know where exactly to go looking for Van Heusen shirts. Recently I read a report that Van Heusen shirts are being counterfeited and are being sold everywhere. Now I am overtly cautious on where I buy it from. Thanks to Findable, I know where exactly I can lay my hands on real Van Heusen, instead of spending my hard earned money on some slush products. You should use this feature to check the stores if you are looking for something fashionable, trendy and comfortable this season.


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