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Maybelline Range of Products Is All You Need This Winter

How much make up does a girl need? A man often wonders. They look at the dressing table with amazed and perplexed look and say, all I needed was a shaving kit and a deodorant! When the wife keeps the husband waiting before they can go to a party, finicky deciding the exact colour of every minutes things she wears and put on, or when the girl friend makes the boyfriend wait for hours because she can’t decide whether to take the pink purseMaybelline India Lipstick or the yellow one, it can really frustrate any man. Don’t worry, it happens to me as well.

But then the women have a solid defence in their favour as well. They want to look as pretty and as flawlessly dreamy as they can and all that effort is only to charm her man. The cosmetics companies add fuel to this fire by throwing out different shades and colour every day into the market. Maybelline lipsticks, for example, have so many different options that it is easy to confound even the most experienced women. The Maybelline India lipsticks vary in colours fine that you will need to examine them for minutes before you realise they are different. Then they have the nail polishes, which should match the exact shade of the lipsticks. Then of course, the eyeliner, which should again match the lipstick and the nail polish. It’s a tough world for them women, isn’t it!

But then, we understand. That is exactly why we have added no less than 197 different Maybelline cosmetics for you. With our extensive range of items, you never look out of shape. Never does your lip gloss mismatch with your eyeliner. Our team has spent time and effort, along with expert research, to find the exact products Indian women love and use. Of course we can’t mention every product in this blog but to give you a small hint of what is waiting for you in our personal care segment, here are some of the products we are listing. pinkwater shine liquid diamonds lclr 14 pnk gltr-3g, brownwater shine liquid diamonds lclr 09 caramel pearls-3g, purple water shine liquid diamonds lclr 07 crystal amethyst 3g, mauves water shine liquid diamonds lclr 06 precious lilac-3g, reds water shine liquid diamonds lclr 05 berry stars-3g, deep green hy vivid & smooth forest green, blue green hx vivid & smooth peacock green, grey co vivid & smooth metallic silver, pink ca vivid & smooth pink pearl, green cr vivid & smooth olive, purple cb vivid & smooth violet pearl.

For the complete list and to look perfectly splendid, head over to our personal care section.


2 comments on “Maybelline Range of Products Is All You Need This Winter

  1. Must Have Boxes
    December 5, 2013

    This color is fab!

    – KW

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