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Indian Women And Cosmetics Brands

Indian women are becoming more and more beauty and fashion conscious as we grow fast as a leading economy in the world. With the average GDP and income of urban Indian grows, people, especiallyLoreal Infallible Monos Forever Pink the women, are having more to spend on costly brands. Any woman doesn’t think twice to buy Loreal India products, if that is what her skin needs and demands. It was unthinkable until 20 years ago. Indians didn’t know the difference between antiseptic creams and cold creams. Remember, Boroline and BoroPlus? Things have certainly changed.

Maybelline Color Tattoo Fierce and Tangy

When we look around and see how the big cosmetics companies like Maybelline India or Estee Lauder are targeting the Indian market, we know how potent this market is for them. Personal care has been steadily increasing its share in the monthly budget of average Indian families. People are not afraid to pay the exorbitant prices these brands demand. Is this brand worshipping doing well? I am not sure. Maybe we are moving too far away from the Mother Nature. The middle class certainly thinks differently. Even Indian brands are exploiting this shift of nature of Indian women. Where is this race taking us? We need to consider this very sincerely.


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