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Celebrate Durga Puja With Cadbury DairyMilk

Durga puja is just around the corner. Starting from Mahalaya, the devi paksha stays for 15 days, ending with Dussehra or Dashami as it is called in Bengal. The whole affair brings festivity into Indian air like nothing else. Whole of India does nothing except sharing love and joy and goes around like a happy billion. The happiness spreads across religions, race and ethnicity. The multi-ethnic India stands one for once and all.CADBURY BUBBLY MINT BLOCK 175G


Indians just love festivals, they have 13 major festivals in 12 different months, as the saying goes. And in every festival, just like in Durga puja, we spread love and prosperity. That is why, perhaps, we never forget to make every mouth sweet. Be it the Kheer or Payasam, Rosogolla or Laddu, we are so fond of sweets during the festivals. Not only we serve these to our guests but these serve as our standard gifts to each other.


Days have changed. In stead of Paratha, Indians are eating Pizza now. It has been reflecting on our choice of gifts as well. In stead of exchanging a pack of sweets, we are often exchanging Cadbury Chocolates as standard gifts. Well, it is justified too. While Indian sweets are perishable by nature, chocolates are much more durable. Secondly, it is easier to carry a pack of chocolate than to carry a pack of Rosogolla for sure. Finally, kids just love chocolates, thus they just love Dairymilk chocolates as Durga puja gift. Let me rectify my last statement, we all love chocolates equally. For a long time now, Nestle is targeting adults with their advertisements. If a 70 something Amitabh Bachchan can be their brand ambassador, and say “kuchh meetha ho jaye” then of course we all just love Dairymilk chocolates, which makes these perfect for Durga Puja gift.

Most importantly, these chocolates are not very costly either. While you can buy them for as low as Rs 10, one can get a combo pack called Cadbury Celebrations for a mere Rs 150. As the different tastes are available, one can easily vary his gifts. Silk is for extra smooth chocolates, while my personal favourite Cadbury Fruit and Nuts comes with raisins and dry fruit crusts, Milky Bar is made of more milk than chocolates. One can also go for the timeless Gems or the soft Five Stars or even my childhood favourite crackles. Whatever you choose, it will surely make the day for the receiver during this festival season.


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