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Best Mobile Processor In The Market

Quad core or Dual core? Which one to pick?

We are in a world full of choices. The technology is complex and well the variety sure is confusing. Imagine yourself planning to buy a new phone. Now do we settle for a budget phone or a slightly expensive one, especially with all Difference-Dual-Core-Quad-Corethe schemes that are out in the market? EMI sure sounds nice but do you want to look back and think that you didn’t need such a phone? Well it’s all about how tech-savvy you are and to what potential will you use your phone. And that is something that you will know only when you have tried the phone out.

This is where I love the fact that we have stores like Croma who have all the electronics products you may ever need on display. Nothing helps you decide better than trying it out yourself. That is one of the biggest advantages of stores like Croma and the catchy schemes they have to offer. Croma offers a wide range of choice whether its smartphones or any other electronic category. You can try it, test it, play with it and then make up your mind. Sure you can research all that you need online but no site will be able to tell you the best smartphone suited for your personal needs. A 15k plus phone will fulfil all your requirements but how smoothly will it actually do it, is a question that one cannot explain in a nutshell.

In a way it’s simple, an iPhone 5 or even the lower models will make any game or app run smooth as butter. On the other hand, a quad core with 1GB Ram will make all your apps and phone function very smoothly. A dual core; not so much, but then again it depend on the brand as well.  So after a lot of researching over the internet and narrowing down the choices, the final conclusion you will probably come to is; go to a store like Croma and try out the phones.


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