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Bite of Fashion Innerwear – Designer Swimwear, Bikinis & Beachwear

Summer time is the time of the year when you yearn to leave the daily grind of school and work to watch the sunset and sip cocktails in a fabulous cocktail dress, to dance the night away at the edge of the ocean, or to just read a book while lazing on the beach. So while you’re planning your dream weekend getaway, here are some tips to help you pack your dream beach holiday wardrobe for every occasion.

A lazy day on the beachBeach Dress

Beachwear is synonymous with one piece of clothing, and that is the ubiquitous swimsuit. From tiny bikinis to daring monokinis, the perfect swimsuit is showcases your best assets and reflects your personality.

For a fun look, try a swimsuit in a bright colour or funking pattern like the following.


If you’re a bit more daring, you can try a more fashion-forward swimsuit. The great thing about these monokinis is the fact that you can pair it with a cut pair of shorts or skirt and you’ve converted your swimsuit into a cool top, instantly glamourizing the quintessential “shorts and a top” look.

This brings me to the second set of essentials for a day by the pool or on the beach: the coverup.Coverups

One of my favourite types of coverups is the sarong. Its beauty lies in its versatility: you can wear it as a bandeau, a halter neck, a one shoulder, or even as a maxi skirt. Here are some funky ones that can be paired with any swimsuit. If you’re a more adventurous person person who wants to surf or play a bit of volleyball on the beach, a more fitting coverup would something that allows more movement, like these shorts or harem pants.

Dinner coverups

A romantic dinner

Coverups can also be transformed into an outfit for an evening spent sipping cocktails while the sunset or a romantic candlelit dinner by the pool. Check out these swoon-worthy kaftans, skirts and dresses.

A night outNight wear dress

Finally, you need something for that night out dancing barefoot under the stars or shopping at the nighttime flea market. A black or white beach dress can be transformed from day to night with a few accessories and some killer sandals. Plus points to the balck Beach Company Beach Dress for the pockets, to ensure that you don’t have to worry about your keys or phone. You can also show off your sexy shoulders with Back Open Cover Ups, which can be paired with a pair of jeans or shorts.

Bags and sunglasses

A weekend at the beach also means that you can’t forget your sunglasses or a handy beach bag to store your Phone, sunscreen and purse.
The following sunglasses universally flatter any face shape while simultaneously shielding your eyes from the sun, accessorizing your outfit and hiding dark circles from a late night out.

Finding a beach bag is always problematic because you want to look cute, but don’t want to ruin your precious leather bag. Rhysetta and Eco Corner offer a wide range of colourful canvas totes perfect for everybody’s inner hipster. If hipster is not your calling, try a Calvin Klein, FCUK or Lacoste shopper tote. They come in fun colours and are a summer classic.


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