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Sony India – The Brand Name you Believe for Consumer Electronics

A company which needs no formal introduction, Sony was started by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita and some more passionate employees back in 1946, in Tokyo. Sony entered India in the year of 1994, and in a span of 16 years, it has become India’s foremost electronics brand.Image

Sony India has over 500 products in the different fields of Television & Projector, Home Video, Home Audio, Home Theatre System, Cameras & Video Cams, Computer & Peripherals, Tablet & Smartphones, Personal Audio, Play Station, In-Car Entertainment, Storage Media & Batteries; and Accessories.

Sony’s latest tagline, ‘make.believe’ is more than a marketing slogan for them. It is a message to the customer that anything that you can imagine, you can make it real. Curiosity is the key to creativity, and you can see that in the videos available at Sony’s website, some wonderful true stories. A recent example would be the movie ‘Hotel Transylvania’; where Sony’s technology helped the directors of the movie to take animation to new heights.

Sony has one of the strongest networks across India, with over ten thousand dealers and distributors and 255 service outlets, allowing it to be India’s most recognized brand. Known well for its high quality products and also high maintenance and with enough competitors to deal with, Sony has done outstandingly well with a revenue of Rs 8,000 crore, making India the fourth biggest market for Sony.  Focusing more on smartphones these days, Sony recently signed Katrina Kaif as the brand ambassador for Xperia Smartphones and also launched their smartphone, Xperia Z.

With presence in over 10 different electronic categories, Sony has a lot of tough competitors. Some of the top competitors are Viacom, Disney, Microsoft, Philips, Panasonic, Samsung, Dell, Apple, LG and many others.

When it comes to products, Sony has a lot to offer. One of the benchmarks for Sony products was the Sony Walkman, an excellent and ever inspiring innovation of its time in Personal Audio; the Walkman brought a lot of fame to Sony. As the years went by, what started as a home audio and radio devices company, became well known for their TV’s, speakers, home audio systems and cameras as well as video cameras. Another product range that brought recognition and fame among the customers was the ‘Sony Playstation’.  Launched first in Japan in the year 1994, the Playstation was one of the first of its kind gaming console and hand held device. Playstation1 or PS was the first home gaming console of the Playstation series and also the first video game console to ship 100 million units. However, its successor, Playstation 2 or better known as PS2, remains the best-selling gaming console till date, selling over 150 million units as of 2011.

Sony has set a lot of milestones since its launch, and looks forward to lead the way in the coming future through its advance technology and innovation. Although competitors are on the rise, Sony is one brand that has left a significant mark on history and looks forward to do so in the coming future.


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